• Adarebiocare Ecoflo Coco Tertiary Filters

    The Ecoflo Coconut filters are becoming very popular in Ireland as a package tertiary treatment system . Either add to your existing treatment system or as a full tertiary unit with our EN Certified Sewage Treatment systems . The Ecoflo … Continue reading →

  • Percolation Test Ireland

    A percolation test is necessary to establish the porosity of your soil so the correct septic system can be installed. You will need documentation signed by the builder and the sign off must be in compliance with the planning conditions … Continue reading →

  • Maintenance and Installation of septic systems

    Maintenance and Installation of Septic Systems Adarebiocare Ltd are specialists in the retrofit and replacement of old septic tanks and Biocycle  Treatment systems. Rectifying failing old systems and full installation of new build treatment systems , Septic tanks , Sand … Continue reading →

  • Treatment Systems To Low Pressure Pipes With Or Without Sumps

    Adarebiocare Ltd, are regularly called to rectify different types of Wastewater treatment systems and polishing filters installed by others without a sewage pump chamber after it to supply the Low Pressure Pipes. At Adarebiocare Ltd, we believe NO Low Pressure … Continue reading →

  • Baby Wipes Damaging Septic Systems

    Servicing issues of domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems As with most wastewater treatment companies, Adarebiocare Ltd has huge issues with toiletries, especially makeup wipes, baby wipes and cotton buds, making there way into customer sewage treatment systems. As in mains or … Continue reading →

  • Old Septic Tank Replaced with EcoFlo

    We recently completed a retro fit which involved removal of an old septic tank and replaced it with our ASP Treatment system pumped to the Ecoflo coconut filter. It was completed in 1 day. The customer was only disconnected from … Continue reading →