Adare BioCare specialise in the installation of ecological wastewater treatment products for commercial, domestic and institutional customers across Ireland. From single dwelling houses, small rural communities and villages to pubs, hotels and all types of leisure facilities, we provide and install effective wastewater treatment systems. Our state of the art water treatment plants serve up to 15,000 population. We provide a complete service including installation, all civil works and commissioning.

Building a New Home!

Building a new home is exciting but also a challenge in Ireland today and often septic tanks are the last thing on your mind. When it comes to installing you new septic tank, waste-water or sewage treatment system you can rely on Adare Biocare. Under the new Irish building regulations, septic tanks must be installed by a competent contractor. We have installed and upgraded many septic tank systems throughout Ireland and we provide a complete service including necessary certification as required under the new building regulations.

During the planning application process for your new home, you must provide a Percolation Test report and a Site Specific report under the new regulations. These show the county council what your site conditions are like and the sewage system you propose to install. Our sewage systems and wastewater treatment systems are accepted by all county councils. Contact us today for your free initial consultation. We will then undertake a site inspection and Percolation test and provide you with the necessary reports to accompany your planning application.

In Compliance with International Standards

General compliance with the new upcoming EU Standard on small waste water treatment system BSEN 12566-3. This is a lifetime investment. Buy products covered by this standard.