Adare Biocare specialise in the design, supply and commissioning of sewage treatment plant, waster-water treatment plant and related water treatment services. From small domestic effluent treatment plants and septic tanks, through to commercial waste water treatment units used by hotels, hospitals, schools, colleges, golf clubs, institutions of all sizes and industrial applications – we future-proof and build in future needs and requirements in the design of your treatment plant.

Key factors for consideration in design:

  • Future loading factors (e.g. increase in occupancy, room numbers..etc)
  • Future compliance requirements (discharge, legislation)
  • Maintenance and service – frequency, costs and disruption
  • Through-life costing[su_spacer size=”10″]

The costing equation in building a new sewage treatment plant is quite complex, balancing capital investment at the outset against the running costs of maintenance, desludging and frequency of servicing.  One certain item is that preventative maintenance and servicing will help keep costs and risks lower over time. The risk of poor or no maintenance is a breakdown, which leads to expensive call outs and a high risk of leakage, contamination and environmental problems.

New Sewage Treatment Plant Recommendations:

  1. Consider the entire cost package of capital outlay and ongoing maintenance and servicing charges when making a decision on the system.
  2. Compliance to the discharge consent limits is essential, with no room for negotiation.
  3. Consider environmental requirements, from the aesthetic impact, the need for more environmental systems (e.g. willow beds) and the environmental risks.
  4. Installation can be complex, and soil sampling and surveys are well worth undertaking before committing to a plan.
  5. Maintenance charges are rising, particularly sludge removal, which is subject to price increases on subsequent waste processing charges and disposal costs.
  6. Use professional advice in designing the right system for your current AND future needs.[su_spacer size=”10″]

Adare Biocare are happy to provide a free initial consultation on any proposed new projects. Give us a call at 061-395819 or call John directly at 087-254-9897. Alternatively, submit the inquiry form and we will get back to you by return.