Durable and resistant storage tanks for above and below ground applications.
Adare Biocare offers years of experience in the installation of reliable, high-strength storage tanks.

Our extensive range of above and below ground storage options are tailor made to suit exact project requirements and are fully compliant with BS4994:1987. Designed and manufactured for storing a wide range of products, often with very specific but varied attributes (for example: different chemical compositions and fluctuating temperatures). Our customer’s benefit from considerable cost savings through a value engineered design that limits the need for civil works and staff time. Vigorously tested under strict conditions and expertly designed to meet our clients expectations.

With storage capacities of between 1,000 and 250,000 litres, Adare Biocare storage solutions cater to any project large or small and offer the reassurance and excellence of mechanical strength combined with a lightweight construction and ease of installation.

Underground Storage Tanks

Adare Biocare can supply and install a range of GRP storage tanks suitable for storing a wide range of clean or corrosive liquids. We offer a full range of below and above ground storage options. The Conder range of general use underground tanks are structured in three layers and made of S5705 material, the tanks can incorporate additional resins to ensure enhanced tank performance, increased durability and safe, risk-free storage. Our underground tanks are available as either a packaged product, engineered solution or a combination of both.

Sprinkler Tanks

Our comprehensive range of underground sprinkler systems provide a solution to fit every project and site requirement. Available with optional load-bearing partitions to separate dry pumping chambers and water storage tanks, low level sumps to maximise storage and discharge capacity, and tailored access solutions, you can be assured that whatever your project need, Premier Tech Aqua will have the sprinkler tank for you.

Storm Water Attenuation Tanks

We offer a wide range of tank sizes designed to meet all project requirements. Combine this with full technical assistance and you’re assured that your attenuation system meets predicted storm water capacity. All our systems come with resin-rich interior walls that provide a durable, chemical and corrosion resistant surface with excellent flow characteristics.

Choices to enhance your attenuation system include a range of load bearing and non-load bearing interior partitions. A choice of access shafts to fit height specifications, a selection of inlet and outlet connections to required size and angulation as well as a range of pumps to elevate storm water to the local mains system.

Silage Tanks

We offer a range of fertiliser silos and tanks available in sizes from 1,000 to 250,000 litres. Manufactured in glass reinforced plastic (GRP), tanks are available as vertical or horizontal options and wall thickness can be engineered to suit project requirements and temperatures.


Conder Storage Tanks