Made out of robust GRP material, the Conder Rainwater Harvesting range from Adare Biocare responds to the needs of domestic and commercial properties, reducing pressure on drainage systems and significantly reducing water bills.

Easy to Install

Conder Rainwater Harvesting systems from Adare Biocare are designed to make sure you spend less time installing your system and more time benefiting from it. The consoles guarantee quick and simple installation whether in a domestic property or a commercial setting.

Minimal Spare

The Conder Rainwater Harvesting System ensures that the space you need will be kept to an absolute minimal. The consoles are designed to get the maximum benefit from the system without requiring a lot of space.


Unique Automatic Operation

Conder Rainwater Harvesting Systems ensure that when rainwater levels drop, uninterrupted transfer to mains water is automatic; making sure your demand for water is constantly met.

Guaranteed Safety Standards

A Conder Rainwater Harvesting system guarantees the highest level of safety and assurance that your system is constantly running without risk.

Rewatec Blue-Line Rainwater Tanks

For use in home and garden or as a garden-only system, the Blue-Line Rainwater Harvesting System is competitively priced and incorporates all the same properties as the F-Line system, but in a classic cylindrical design.

The Blue-Line Rainwater Harvesting System is available in 5 standard sizes ranging from 2,600 to 10,000 litres and carries our market-leading 25-year guarantee.

As with all of our Rainwater Harvesting tanks, the Blue-Line is made from ecologically-friendly PE (Polyethylene) and is guaranteed to be 100% waterproof to provide lasting protection against breaks or cracks.


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