The European Court of Justice recently ruled against Ireland for failing to have a proper system of licensing and regulating individual septic tanks. There are estimated to be 40,000 septic tanks (CSO Statistics, 2006) in Limerick but records are patchy. There is evidence that many septic tanks are poorly constructed, broken, damaged, leaking or not regularly maintained and are point-source polluters of watercourses and groundwater.

Council Septic Tank Inspections

If you have a septic tank or a biocycle sewage treatment unit, you will have to comply with new legislation starting January 1st 2012 regarding the maintenance of septic tanks. You will first have to register your tank with your local County Council. You may then have to have an inspection carried out on the tank or bicycle unit to ensure it is in good working order and the waste water is not effecting the environment. At Adare Biocare, we can provide a full septic tank inspection and make recommendations which will help you fix potential septic tank problems prior to the Council inspections.

Septic Tank Emptying & Desludging

If you have not had your septic tank cleaned recently or on a regular basis, it is possible that  your tank is not working as efficiently as it should be or may even be a pollution risk. Adare Biocare, in conjunction with JSP Hire can provide a complete septic tank service including septic tank emptying and septic tank cleaning. We service septic tanks all over Munster and leave your tank fully desludged which means your tank has a higher chance of passing the new inspections.

If your tank fails the test, the inspector would make recommendations to you and your tank will be inspected again after the work has been done. There are further costs involved for re-inspection and this would be on top of what it has already cost you to rectify the problems. These costs could include a new treatment system and/or a replacement of the percolation area. To avoid avoid any additional costs, have your tanks cleaned regularly.

Sand Polishing Filter Alternative

If you have been informed that you must replace or upgrade an existing septic system, Adare Biocare can provide economical alternatives to the common sand polishing filters currently being offered. Our unique coconut filter system (coco filter tertiary upgrade) provides significant cost savings over a traditional sand polishing filter and comes with a 10 year guarantee. For more information on the Coco Tertiary Filter or Coconut Package Filter system, read the Coconut Filter Tertiary Treatment Unit brochure. Being more compact than a standard sand polishing filter, the Ecoflo Septic Tank with Compact Coco Filter is particularly beneficial for sites with limited space. As well as a guaranteed maintenance life of ten years, significant savings over traditional systems, the Ecoflo treatment system is also easily installed and the treatment process doesn’t require power.

Upgrading your existing septic tank is a straight forward process when you choose Adare Biocare. We provide a complete turn-key septic tank upgrade service. Want to be more ecologically minded! Consider installing a Zero Discharge Willow Bed system with your new or upgraded septic tank. Contact us today to arrange for a Free initial consultation or site visit.

Adare Biocare can also service and repair all makes and models of sewage treatment biocycle tanks on the market in Ireland. Call us at 061-395819 for more information or submit the inquiry form.