Many biocycle units and septic tanks in Ireland are broken, damaged or leaking. However, not all bio-cycle units or septic tanks need to be upgraded. If your biocycle system or septic tank is structurally sound and the percolation area is fit for purpose and there are no pollution issues then a complete upgrade may not be required. However if your biocycle unit, septic tank or waste water treatment system is not working correctly you may need to upgrade it.

Septic Tank Problems! Biocycle Not Working!

Some problems in household sewage systems are easy to diagnose, however some biocycle systems and septic tanks need a trained eye to diagnose the problem. Aside from obvious problems like bad smells or leaking manholes, here are some signs that your sewage system may not be working properly:

  • Slow draining toilets
  • Wet patches in the garden
  • Septic tank requires frequent emptying
  • Surface water entering the sewage system
  • Leaking manholes
  • Blockages in manholes or drains
  • Wet areas around the septic tank
  • Wet or soggy percolation area
  • Nitrates and bacteria in your drinking water test results
  • Septic tank connected to a ditch or stream
  • Bad odours from the septic tank or vicinity

Biocycle Service & Septic Tank Upgrades

Adare Biocare will provide a professional bio-cycle repair or septic tank upgrade service from start to finish. Our efficiency, buying power and professional skilled team will get the job done on time and at the right price. We manage the work ourselves with our own equipment and materials. On completion, we provide all required compliance certificates relating to your biocyle repair, biocycle maintenance or septic tank upgrade.

Biocycle Parts & Equipment

If your biocycle unit, septic tank or other sewage treatment system is in need of an upgrade or requires urgent repairs, you can depend on Adare Biocare.

We service all makes including: AquaMax, AquaStar, Anua (Bord Na Mona), AwsaFlow, Balmoral, Biorock, Biocell, Biocycle, Biodisc, BioPure, Biotech (Cork), Biotec (Kingspan), Biofriendly, Bison (EPS), Bord Na Mona, Conder (EPS), Clearwater, Ecopure, Envirocare, Enviropac, Klargester, MiniBio, Oaklands, Oakstown (BAF), Platinum, Puraflow, Septech 2000, Shay Murtagh, Streamline, Titan, Tricel, WPL

Repairing or upgrading your existing biocycle system or septic tank is a straight forward process when you choose Adare Biocare. We provide a complete turn-key repair or upgrade service. Want to be more ecologically minded! Consider installing a Ecoflo Coco Filter system with your new or upgraded septic tank. Contact us today to arrange for a Free initial consultation or site visit.

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